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Tom Delahoyde

Tom Delahoyde


Tom Delahoyde achieved a post-graduate fellowship in Microbiology at Manchesterbefore taking up a number of roles within the NHS, based at Manchester Royal infirmary and St Mary’s hospital Manchester within the pathology department.
Following his time within the NHS, Tom joined Rhone Poulenc Roror (Now Sanofi pharmaceuticals) gaining experience within a number of sales and marketing roles within both primary and secondary care.

He moved on to become the Sales Director of the generics division of Rhone Poulenc before becoming one of the founder members of Trinity Pharmaceuticals in 1994, joining as Sales and Marketing Director.
In 1999, Chiesi Farmaceutici acquired Trinity Pharmaceuticals with Tom appointed to the role of General Manager for the new UK Affiliate.
Today, Tom is a Board Director of Chiesi Limited, reporting directly to the Chief Commercial Officer, Alessandro Chiesi.