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Sandie Buchan

Sandie Buchan

Executive Director of Commissioning Development, NHS Sheffield CCG

Sandie's career began in 2002 as an assistant clinical psychologist for one of the country’s high secure forensic hospitals. After completing two master’s degrees she joined the UK mental health research network, then moved into her first management position at a large mental health NHS provider and then a large acute NHS trust. Here she completed her MBA, great preparation for her first director’s position where she found a passion for delivering transformational change for the benefit of patients.

Sandie joined NHS Sheffield CCG in 2015 as Head of Programme Management Office and was appointed Deputy Director of Commissioning and Performance in 2018. Sandie has expertise in delivering large scale programmes. She gets results by having good people and analytical skills and her work has been published in various academic and health journals.

As Director of Commissioning Development, Sandie is responsible for commissioning services across the city. Working with our Sheffield City Council to reduce the impact of health inequalities across Sheffield and ensuring high quality and safe services for all.