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Richard Wyatt-Haines

Richard Wyatt-Haines


Richard Wyatt-Haines is the founder and Director of HCI, a digital health company who work closely with NHS Trusts to transform healthcare using digital solutions to improve patient education, support remote consultations, reduce unnecessary outpatient appointments and increase clinicians’ capacity to care.

Richard is a driven entrepreneur who has grown HCI from a video production company to one of only a few digital health organisations that have been awarded a national NHS contract.

HCI has produced and implemented the largest collection of health and care information videos in the UK and plays a key part in developing new technological solutions for the NHS, including the national health and care video library made free for NHS use during COVID-19 by NHSX.

HCI are also the brains behind the CONNECTPlus app, that UK’s (and potentially worldwide) only app that combines multiple conditions into one place to enable clinicians and patients to manage the whole person, not just the disease.

As a leader Richard’s effusive personality stimulates and energises those around him, encouraging them to deliver their full potential. He heads a highly skilled team of software developers, project managers, graphic designers, videographers, and marketing specialists that are making a real difference to health and care.

Richard's experience also includes founding a consultancy firm, working as the sales and marketing director of an insurance company and becoming a leadership fellow at the University of Exeter.

His main aim is to reduce demand and increase capacity in the NHS by giving patients the knowledge they need at appropriate points in their pathways of care. He uses his natural energy, drive and determination to inspire a sustainable change, and invites you to be part of this movement to create a more efficient, digitally minded health service.