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Phil Moore

Dr Phil Moore

Chair, NHS Clinical Commissioners Mental Health Commissioners Network

Phil is a passionate General Practitioner committed to transforming the NHS through the opportunities afforded by the current changes. He has held public roles in the NHS and beyond for many years.

Nationally he is a board member of NHS Clinical Commissioners and chairs their Mental Health Commissioners Network. London-wide he is Mental Health Clinical Co-Director for NHS England & Improvement (London), and works in partnership to improve mental health outcomes that matter to Londoners.

Locally he is senior partner at his GP surgery where he has been for over 36 years and is currently Clinical Director for two Primary Care Networks. He has been a senior commissioner of health services for 30 years with a particular responsibility around mental health for the south-west of London. He is a Clinical Lead for mental health, cardiovascular disease, primary care, and education & training for Kingston Borough.