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Margaret O'Brien

Dr Margaret O'Brien

Assistant Director Integrated Care, Head of General Medical Services, Responsible Officer HSCB, Health & Social Care Board

Margaret graduated from QUB in 1994 and following completion of GP training, worked as a portfolio GP, firstly in Cornwall, before returning to NI. She is a trained appraiser, was Chair of the NI Sessional Doctors Association and represented Sessional Doctors on NIGPC for several years, stepping down from this role when she took up her role in 2010 as Head of GMS with the HSCB and Responsible Officer for all GP performers within NI.

She is also Clinical Director of ICPs, has been instrumental in facilitating the development of GP Federations across NI and is leading on the implementation of MDTs in NI.

She was key and co-led the Primary care response to Covid including the implementation of Covid Centres. She is Co-Chair of the No More Silos network and is an Executive member of the Rebuilding Management Board.