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James Woollard

James Woollard

National Specialty Adviser in Digital Mental Health, NHS England, Chief Clinical Information Officer, Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust

In his role at NHS England for the last six years, James has been the lead clinical adviser on technology in mental health care, working on development of provider digitisation, digital therapies and interventions, and improving online mental health information. In 2018, he wrote the Mental Health report for the Topol Review with Dr Tom Foley. The report focused on the impact of the technology on mental health care, and the implications for the workforce over the next 20 years.
Alongside his national role, as a senior clinician and CCIO in Oxleas, he is leading the transformation of clinical care through technology at a local level. He continues to work clinical in specialist children’s ADHD service.
He has co-written a book with Dr Victoria Betton on supporting professionals in engaging young people about their mental health and online worlds.