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Haris Sultan

Haris Sultan

Youth Advisor, NHS Youth Forum

Haris's journey of championing youth voice in healthcare started when he founded the youth board at Leeds Community Healthcare Trust. This acted as a springboard for him to explore and carry on his passion for Children and Young People's Health and Wellbeing.

He is Founder and Chair of the National Network of Youth Forums which works with over 50 NHS Trusts across England, connecting and collaborating with existing youth forums as-well as helping trusts set up their youth forums. He was recently appointed as Youth Representative on Leeds Clinical Commissioning Group.

Haris is also a member of the National NHS Youth Forum where he co-led on the forum's report to the United Nations Committee on the Right's of a Child. He has led on work which looked at Medical Students knowledge on Health Inequalities, which is now being carried on by NHSE’s Director for Health Inequalities. He is currently working with RCGP on health inequalities and is working on the Health Foundation’s Networked Data Lab within Leeds. Haris is currently on a gap year and studying Medicine at the University of Liverpool in September.