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Dave McPartlin

Dave McPartlin

Chair, Future Fleetwood, Headteacher, Flakefleet Primary School

Dave McPartlin is Headteacher of Flakefleet Primary School, Britain’s Got Talent Golden Buzzer, School of the Year Runner Up 2019 and Happiest Primary School 2018. Dave’s Fleetwood school is based in a highly disadvantaged area and he took his children to the finals of one of the world’s biggest TV shows as part of his school’s Dreams List to show his community that they should have the highest of aspirations and #DARETODREAM, which is their school motto.

Dave is also Chair of Future Fleetwood, a voluntary group set up to serve its community and improve the local area. Dave and his school work very closely with the NHS, councils, faith sector, food banks and numerous other companies, groups and agencies to help support his families as he believes this is what will, ultimately, help the children at Flakefleet.

If we were to rebuild our education, health, social systems etc, would we really set them up as they are in 2021? We are all part of the same team, we all have the same goals and we should work together to make it happen.