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Christiana Melam

Christiana Melam

CEO, National Association of Link Workers

Christiana is the Chief Executive of National Association of Link Workers, the professional membership body for Social Prescribing Link Workers. She is the architect of the UK Annual Social Prescribing Link Worker Day/Awards/Conference, and an international Social Prescribing Link Worker champion.

The main driver of the link worker model is a recognition that we need to move from admiring the problem to doing something about it. Evidence shows that the health and wellbeing of individuals and communities are largely dictated by a range of environmental and socio-economic factors. These factors are largely driven by social injustice and inequalities. These unfair disadvantages have impact on the overall healthcare system. Social Prescribing Link Workers are the creative inequality disruptors powering up integrated care.

Let’s channel our energy and talent into achieving better health outcomes for others and champion social prescribing link workers.

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