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19-20 June 2019, Manchester Central

19-20 June 2019 . Manchester Central

Programme strands

This year, our conference will focus on the future. This theme will be supported by our six conference strands. Each strand will contain a mix of plenary sessions, panel discussions, debates, seminars and workshops to provide insights and learning in the areas of most interest and importance to you.

Digital technology innovation Digital, technology and innovation – Supported by NHS Digital

To transform the way services are delivered and care is experienced, we must learn how to harness the potential of digital and tech innovations. From AI to genomics and from digital developments to clinical breakthroughs, this strand will focus on how we shape a cutting-edge health and care system.
Finance, productivity and efficiency Finance, productivity and efficiency – Supported by Newton

Whilst the recent NHS funding settlement provides greater certainty, huge challenges remain. Population growth and demand pressures mean that the NHS and wider system must deliver even more within strained resources. Finance, productivity and efficiency will explore how the NHS and its partners can navigate the financial terrain over the next decade.

Integrating Care Integrating care – Supported by Optum

Across the UK, health and care leaders are transforming care by refocusing services. Activities in this theme will investigate how integrated approaches and place-based working can build care around the individual, and explore how care and services are transforming to meet the needs of our changing population.

People centred health and care People-centred health and care – Available for sponsorship

People are increasingly taking control of their own healthcare and so have a huge role to play in transforming how care is delivered and experienced.This theme puts people at the centre of conference thinking and will explore issues from system working to self-care, and from shifting care closer to home to population health.
Workforce Workforce – Supported by NHS Professionals

Against the backdrop of demand growth, an ageing population, evolving models of care, immigration law changes and Brexit, health and care leaders are grappling with major workforce constraints.With a focus on attracting and retaining talent, culture change and clinical leadership, these sessions will probe many of the issues that effectively determine what can be delivered over the next decade.
Equality diversity inclusion strand All together, all different – Available for sponsorship

The equality, diversity and inclusion agenda is being proactively led by NHS chief executives and boards, as they seek to ensure they deliver care and support that meets the needs of our diverse populations.From quality improvement to inclusive leadership, this strand will explore how we put equality, diversity and inclusion at the heart of everything we do.