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19-20 June 2019, Manchester Central

19-20 June 2019 . Manchester Central

hugh reynolds

Meet the supporter – Hugh Reynolds, Liaison Care

Wednesday 8th May 2019

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In the lead up to this year’s Confed conference, which is now just 6 weeks away, we caught up with Liaison Care’s Hugh Reynolds, Clinical Director. He will be joining us in the exhibition at stand A11.

In this interview, Hugh explains what supporting Confed19 means to him and why now more than ever, it is important for leaders to come together and attend events like the NHS Confederation’s flagship annual conference and exhibition.

What does your role as Clinical Director involve?

I’ve been with Liaison Care for a year now, but have worked for over 30 years in a variety of senior roles within the health and social care sector. My role at Liaison is to develop a team of specialist staff who can support the NHS to achieve the cost savings and improvements it requires. More specifically to support NHS England standardise the delivery of Continuing Healthcare across England and Wales. My vision is that everything we do will save the NHS money or improve how they work.

I have also been developing a range of products and services which will support CCGs deliver better outcomes, better experiences and better use of resources for all patients.

I also want to ensure that the Liaison Care Team is at the centre of every local and national CHC conversation.

 What are the main challenges affecting you and your industry now?

  • The main challenge that the NHS faces is the increasing costs of care, and more specifically the increasing costs of Continuing Healthcare (CHC) and Continuing Care.
  • Other challenges include the varying and sometimes poor standards of how CHC is delivered. Our role is to support the NHS England CHC SIP to improve and standardise this.
  • The introduction of Personal Health Budgets (PHBs) has been a challenge for CCGs as this has come at a time when CCGs have been focusing on delivering against the new National Framework for CHC and FNC (2018). Liaison Care has developed a range of products and services which can help CCGs deliver the PHB program in an accurate and sustainable way.

 If you could instantly make one change to improve the health and social care sector, what would it be?

We frequently read that the NHS needs more money, which I do believe to be true, but I also believe that the NHS must ensure that it spends the money it currently has as efficiently as possible. Financial accountability and applying best value principles would ensure that NHS organisations consider how they spend their money and can then confidently estimate how much additional money they need to delivery an exceptional health service for everyone.

Why have you got involved with Confed19?

It is important that we work with health care influencers from the board to the ward and our presence at Confed is a great opportunity to have these exploratory and decision-making discussions with peers, prospects and existing clients.

What excites you most about presenting at Confed19?

The opportunities to discuss new ways of working with other health care leaders and innovators to create better outcomes, better experiences and better use of resources across the health and social care sector.

If there was just one thing you could convince all healthcare leaders to do, what would that be?

Come and talk to us! We exclusively work with NHS organisations supporting them to save money by improving how they operate or by recovering money from financial errors, overpayments and duplicates.

For CCGs we have returned millions of pounds back to them to spend on direct patient care.

What do you see as the most important developments when considering the future of health and social care?

We need to develop best practice models and standards for all areas of the NHS and measure organisations against them. This will allow organisations to assess how mature their services are and focus on how to improve them.

We also need to ensure that health and social care work closer together to improve patient experience.

Why should our conference delegates visit your stand?

We have a range of products and services that will either save your organisation money or will improve the way you work. We have experts and specialists in their fields who can help you overcome current health and social care issues that might be keeping you awake at night.  We’ll be showcasing some of our new innovations and demonstrating how we’ve helped NHS trusts, health boards and CCGs to overcome their challenges.

We look forward to seeing you in Manchester and facilitating those discussions. Thanks Hugh.


Liaison Care helps the health economy to identify and deliver strategic improvements and process efficiencies, to increase savings for reinvestment in the delivery and management of NHS Continuing Healthcare (CHC) and NHS Funded Nursing Care.

We support over 60% of the UKs Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) helping to define and implement their improvement plans and share best practice across the CHC health economy, through delivering detailed audits and reports that have a real positive impact on the overall performance of a CHC team. Come and see us at stand A11 at Confed 19.  

Book now for Confed19 and make sure your organisations is represented at the biggest healthcare event of the year. Interested in supporting or exhibiting at Confed19? Email or call 0844 800 5989 to discuss the options available for you.