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26 May 2021

‘Top picks’ with Ruth Rankine

‘Top picks’ with Ruth Rankine

As part of our recommended by series, we spoke to Ruth Rankine, director of Primary Care at the NHS Confederation to discover what’s top of the agenda for them during the three days of NHS Confed Conference. 

This will be the first time in a long time that we have had such a strong programme for primary care providers. It has been a challenging period for primary care - being at the forefront of the vaccine rollout, managing day-to-day patient care and switching skills to deliver more care remotely. But as we look ahead, there are significant opportunities for primary care - the introduction of ICSs as legal entities and a more collaborative approach to delivering health and care will play to the strengths of primary care in really understanding their communities and putting in place a population health management approach.

Here are a few highlights that I would recommend:

On 15 June at 3pm, I’m looking forward to hearing about the case study in Essex that is transforming care for older people. The innovative integration brings together local authority and health partners across the county, and it will be interesting to hear the different experiences from each perspective.

A hearty number of viewpoints will be shared as we explore the role of federations in the future of primary care on 16 June at 11am. Members of the PCN Federation board, along with thought-leaders in primary care, will share practical case studies where federations have made a difference and explain why they might be the secret weapon to success.

  • If you have an interest in ICSs, I recommend attending Integrated care systems: a partnership of equals on 16 June at 11am, and Clinical and care leadership in an ICS, also on 16 June at 3pm. Sessions will deep dive into how integrated care systems need a balanced and collaborative approach to ensure success across all outputs.
  • Representatives with active footings in primary care will explore the role of primary care in health and care systems on 17 June at 11am. It’s sure to be an inspiring session as we celebrate, scrutinise and explore all aspects of primary care.  If you’re also interested in exploring what’s in store in the future, make sure you tune into my session Where next for primary care networks (PCNs)? which will be streamed across all three days and available on demand afterwards.
  • A fascinating case study led by a GP and primary care network clinical director, that will explore how the NHS is playing a key role in shaping plans for regeneration, employment, industrial and economic growth and cultural development. Place leadership in action: realising future Fleetwood on 17 June, 3pm is a must in the agenda.
  • Quart into a pint pot will explore the challenge of accommodating a growing workforce within existing estates on 15, 16 and 17 June and will examine what innovative solutions can be implemented at place to help build team integration.
  • The session on system, place and neighbourhood will examine how primary care providers may have different population health priorities for their patients and how they meet and support these challenges when they must also deliver the population health requirements that are set at system level on 15 and 16 June.
  • For those ready for an early start, I’d also recommend Managing unmet demand in primary care (17 June, 8am) which will explore AI triage to meet service demands going forward, and if you have an interest in the long-term goals to support our staff, Workforce recovery on 17 June at 11am is a must. There really is a wealth of content on offer for primary care providers and it will be great to meet with you all once again.

Find out what else is in store by viewing the conference agenda.