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Amplifying Voice: the value of EDI networks

16 Jun 2021
S - Specialist sessions 1

This session will show members the power of EDI networks working jointly and proactively to move the dial on improving diversity in leadership. The session will be led by the Confederation’s three EDI leadership networks with guest input from the Disabled NHS Directors Network, and chaired by Mike Franklin, Director of Equality and Inclusion, NHSEI.

The session is delivered by the NHS Confederation's BME Leaders Network, LGBTQ+ Network and Health and Care Women Leaders Network

Mike Franklin, Joint Director of Equality and Inclusion - NHS England and Improvement
Mr Ifti Majid, Chief Executive - Chief Executive, Derbyshire Healthcare Foundation Trust
Joan Saddler OBE, Director of Partnerships and Equality - NHS Confederation
Kate Smyth - Disabled NHS Directors Network
Peter Molyneux, Chair, Health and Care LGBTQ+ Leaders Network - Chair, Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust
Tracie Jolliff, Head of Inclusive Leadership & System Development - Director of Inclusion, NHS Leadership Academy