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The digital innovators

17 Jun 2021
FZ - International

Explore with us, the UK digital healthcare companies and their innovations that have been helping NHS teams in their roles, as well as delivering increased patient care, to scale. This session will also unpick the story behind international opportunities for commercial benefit How have two NHS orgs been able to achieve commercial success. And also hear from DIT embassy teams and how they operate. An interactive panel discussion, with UK digital companies, GOSH & GSTT and DIT India Expert.

This session forms part of the International feature zone that is supported by Healthcare UK.

Hassan Chaudhury, Global Digital Health Specialist - DIT
Andrew Fitzmaurice, CEO - Templar Executives
Dr Eisha Anand, Senior Trade Adviser, India - DIT
Mat Oram, CEO & Co-Founder - AdviseInc
Rachel Murphy, CEO - Difrent
Richard Wyatt-Haines, CEO - HCI