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The benefits of global innovation: improving service delivery and patient outcomes

17 Jun 2021
FZ - International

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic the NHS has transformed at a pace and scale not previously conceived, with services fundamentally adapting their delivery methods overnight. Innovation has been at the heart of this, with many frontline NHS staff conceiving new tools and techniques in addition to the rapid adoption of innovative products and services.

Whilst much of this innovation has come from within the NHS itself or agencies and networks working in close partnership, increasingly the NHS has looked globally to understand the innovative processes, tools and techniques that have been used to address similar challenges in hospitals throughout the world. The ability to engage with these hospitals, understand their innovative practices, and bring them back into the NHS to support our own response to the pandemic has undoubtedly been a success story.

This session will delve into more detail to better understand what innovation is, what ‘looking globally for innovation’ means, and what innovation means to the NHS. Delegates will hear from those who have successfully engaged in global innovation opportunities to support the NHS response to the pandemic, and discuss practical steps that all NHS staff can take to leverage global innovation opportunities.

The session will also discuss the recommendations in the joint publication from THET and The AHSN Network: Leveraging the Experiences of NHS Staff Volunteering Overseas to Harness Innovation. There will also be an opportunity for live audience Q&A.

This session forms part of the International feature zone that is supported by Healthcare UK.

Richard Stubbs, Chief Executive // Vice Chair - Yorkshire and Humber Academic Health Science Network
Dr Fleur Kitsell, Global Health Partnerships Directorate - Health Education England
Graeme Chisholm, Head of Policy and Learning - Tropical Health and Education Trust (THET)