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Taking stock of messaging apps: using safe, secure and compliant clinical messaging to drive efficiencies, negate clinical risk and improve care delivery

17 Jun 2021
S - Specialist sessions 3

The European Commission’s Medical Device Directive states that any platform that ‘displays digital patient images for the purpose of diagnosis’ by clinicians should hold a CE mark as a regulated medical device. However, with the current prevalence of clinicians using mainstream messaging and clinical communication platforms without it, there is a considerable liability risk for both organisations and individual clinicians.

Healthcare organisations also have an obligation under GDPR as data controllers, which means that communication apps that contain patient information should include a data processing agreement between the manufacturer and any organisation whose employees are using it. This applies to apps offered to clinicians under a ‘freemium’ model, even if the organisation itself has not encouraged the use of the tool and, in many cases, its clinicians may be using it outside of the organisation's knowledge.

This panel discussion seeks to explore the broader benefits of using a safe, secure and compliant clinical communications platform, including integrating with other clinical systems; recording discussions as part of the patient record; and improving efficiencies and working practices for busy clinicians at a time when the elective care backlog is particularly challenging.

This session is delivered in partnership with Bleepa.

James Devine, Director of Acute Care - NHS Confederation
Darryn Hale, Senior Associate - DAC Beachcroft
Tim Andrews, Chief Operating Officer - ORCHA
Dr Tom Oakley, CEO - Bleepa