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The role of primary care in the health and care system

17 Jun 2021
B - Breakout stage 2
System integration and collaboration

Why is primary care important?
What needs to be in place to make it work?
What can we learn from those that are doing it well?

This session will examine and challenge these questions, bringing voices together from across primary care, as well as hearing from delegates.

This session forms part of the System Integration & Collaboration theme, which is sponsored by Novartis Pharmaceuticals UK.

Dr Graham Jackson, Chair of NHSCC, NHS Confederation - Senior Clinical Advisor to the NHS Confederation
Dr Andy Hilton, Chief Executive Officer - Vice Chair of Primary Care Federation Network
Dr Margaret O'Brien, Assistant Director Integrated Care, Head of General Medical Services, Responsible Officer HSCB - Health & Social Care Board
Dr Rebecca Fisher, Senior Policy Fellow - The Health Foundation
Professor Rebecca Malby, Professor in Health Systems Innovation, London South Bank University - Director of the Health Systems Innovation Lab
Dr Tayo Kufeji, GP Clinical Director - The Bridge PCN, Milton Keynes - Member of the primary care network board