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Quart into a pint pot: accommodating a growing workforce within existing estates

15 Jun 2021
FZ - Primary Care Networks
Primary Care

Since April 2021, primary care network have been able to recruit advanced practitioners into six specific roles that are part of the Additional Reimbursement Role Scheme (ARRS), These roles within a PCN can support population health management.

The introduction of these roles has raised various challenges, which Emma Ray, PCN manager for Canterbury North and South is putting to Jon Murphy from NHS England and NHS Improvement's estates team, to examine the innovative solutions that can be put in place to support integration of these roles across PCNs.

This session forms part of the Primary Care feature zone that is supported by Roche Diabetes Care.

Emma Ray, PCN Manager - Canterbury North and South PCNs - member of the primary care network board
Jon Murphy - NHS England & Improvement