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Combating health inequalities in the digital age

15 Jun 2021
C - Breakout stage 6
Health Inequalities

Choice is power. While in-person treatment will always have a place in our NHS, it’s becoming clear that a combined approach of digital and face-to-face care is the preferred structure.

But if choice is power, what happens to those patients who are typically excluded by digital solutions? How can we provide the same level of empowerment to older patients, people with disabilities, low incomes, or English as a second language?

Often those overlooked by digital health solutions are the very people who need it most, which ultimately results in health inequalities widening further.

Dr Dan Bunstone, CMO at Push Doctor and clinical director at Warrington Innovation Network, is joined by Jess McKenna, head of design at Push Doctor, to discuss the ways in which digital providers must ensure they are eliminating health inequalities, with examples of how this can be done from a patient experience level, right through to a community and product design level.

This session is delivered in partnership with Push Doctor

Dr. Dan Bunstone, CMO - Push Doctor
Dr Ivor Singh, Lead GP - HMC Heston Health, Hounslow CCG
Jess McKenna, Head of Design - Push Doctor