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Chelsea and Westminster Hospital: improving patient care through effective data management and transparency

15 Jun 2021
B - Breakout stage 1

In this session, delegates will explore how data management and transparency can have quantifiable operational outcomes through using Foundry - a platform that reimagines how people use data by removing the barriers between back-end data management and front-end data analysis.

Delegates will learn about how Foundry has become the single source for decisions made across Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS FT, as schedulers, clinicians, and management all have the same version of up-to-date data, such as waitlists. Building on this source of truth, discover how applications can be built for users from data scientists to operational senior management, to keep on top of a cleaned, powerful data asset that will let you directly improve care for patients and reduce workload for staff.

This session is delivered in partnership with Palantir Technologies UK.

Bruno Botelho, Deputy Chief Operating Officer & Director Digital Operations - Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
Ethan Waldie, Deployment Strategist - Palantir Technologies
Jonathan Maloney, Programme Director & Head of Digital Applications - North of England Care system Support (NECS)
Rob Hodgkiss, Deputy CEO & Chief Operating Officer - Chelsea and Westminster NHS Foundation Trust