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Keynote: Nicky Moffat CBE, leadership and motivation

17 Jun 2021
A - Main stage

Nicky Moffat is a recognised expert in inclusive leadership and the art of motivation. Previously the highest ranked woman in the British Army, Nicky's first career spanned 27 years in the Armed Forces, serving in the Field Army as well as in strategy, policy and finance roles in Army Headquarters and the Ministry of Defence. As a private secretary, she worked at the heart of the government, supporting the Secretary of State for Defence during fast-moving operations in Iraq, Afghanistan and Sierra Leone, and in Cumbria during a foot and mouth crisis.

Nicky has also worked with leading UK, multinational and global corporations and businesses, specialising in sectors as diverse as financial services, oil and energy, transport, property, construction, retail, media communications, technology and law. In this main stage session, Nicky will reflect on expertise and insights as a leader, with a focus on practical application relevant to individuals and teams working across health and care in these challenging times.

Danny Mortimer, Chief Executive - NHS Employers
Nicky Moffat CBE