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Keynote: Dr Leroy Logan MBE

16 Jun 2021
A - Main stage

Dr Leroy Logan MBE is a former superintendent in the Metropolitan Police. He retired in 2013 after 30 years' service. He is also a former chair and founding member of the Black Police Association.

Leroy is one of the UK’s most highly decorated and well known black police officers. A highly respected and well regarded commentator on policing in black communities, he believes that there is still much work to do in creating a more equitable and fair criminal justice system.

Leroy's debut book, Closing Ranks, is a look at serving in the Metropolitan Police force as a black man over three decades. It's a history lesson in race relations in modern-day Britain, and a manifesto for anyone with a desire to mentor young people.

This session will see Leroy reflect on his decades of experience to give insightful, critical analysis on current events surrounding our justice system, and issues in the wider public sector.

Danielle Oum - Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust
Dr Leroy Logan MBE