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Keynote: Dr David Feinberg, vice president of Google Health

16 Jun 2021
A - Main stage

Join Dr David Feinberg, vice president of Google Health, with a panel of healthcare leaders in discussion at this main stage session. David and the panel will discuss the role of technology in healthcare, explore some of Google’s supporting work over the course of the pandemic such as global mobility reports, and assess efforts to bring artificial intelligence and other Google research into healthcare planning and delivery.

This thought-provoking session will cover key topics such as innovation and transformation at scale, digital opportunities in public health, and the collaborative role of technology companies in contributing to successful and sustainable health and care.

Dr David Feinberg, VP - Google Health
Tara Donnelly, Chief Digital Officer - NHSX
Chris Hopson - NHS Providers
Sean Duggan - Mental Health Network
Dr Shera Chok - The Shuri Network