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How do AHSNs spread innovation?

15 Jun 2021
FZ - Innovation

The AHSN Network has published in-depth study examining AHSN approaches to spreading and adopting innovation in the health sector, to help AHSNs and partners understand and harness the AHSN collective experience and expertise.

This first aggregated view of AHSN approaches and challenges to spread and adoption across the AHSN Network indicated there was no single methodology or ‘one best way’ to do adoption and spread, reflecting the inherent complexity of adoption and spread work, and diversity of activities within AHSNs.

This session is delivered in partnership with The AHSN Network. This session forms part of the Innovation feature zone that is supported by The AHSN Network.

Dr Alexandra Ziemann, Senior Research Fellow - Centre for Healthcare Innovation Research, City, University of London
Dr Andrew Sibley, Evaluation Programme Manager - Wessex AHSN
Professor Gary Ford, Chair AHSN Network and Chief Executive - Chair AHSN Network
Dr Sarah Robens, Evaluation Lead and Spread Fellow - South West AHSN