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Benefits of global learning experiences for employees, employers and the NHS system

15 Jun 2021
FZ - International

This session will provide:

A summary of the benefits for employees, employers and the NHS health system from engaging with global health learning opportunities, by Health Education England (HEE).

A video case study by THET

A short presentation on the Ipsos Mori research, commissioned by THET, and what it demonstrates about NHS staff and employers engagement in global health opportunities.

Next steps on work in this area, from HEE and THET

A question and answer session exploring ways employees, employers and systems can engage in global health learning opportunities.

This session forms part of the International feature zone that is supported by Healthcare UK.

Dr Fleur Kitsell, Global Health Partnerships Directorate - Health Education England
Professor Ged Byrne, Director of Global Health Partnerships - Health Education England
Ms Lisa Kelly, Director of Strategy - Tropical Health and Education Trust (THET)
Miss Michelle Udoh, Campaigns and Outreach Officer - Tropical Health Education Trust (THET)
Dr Sean Clarkson, Head of Strategic Operations - Yorkshire and Humber AHSN