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Evaluating beneficial changes from the pandemic response

16 Jun 2021
C - Breakout stage 5
Quality and Clinical Improvement

The COVID-19 pandemic brought about many changes for the NHS, but how can we ensure that the positive changes are captured and sustained?

This session will explore the recent findings of the Beneficial Changes Network that emerged in response to COVID-19, to capture new ways of working from the frontline. The Network gathered feedback from thousands of NHS staff from a wide breadth of roles, to capture and build on the incredible ways in which people and systems have responded to the pandemic. 3,000 frontline submissions were reviewed by a team of evaluation experts. Alongside this, the team reviewed a further evidence to produce a long list of recognised beneficial changes.

We will hear from Dawn Chamberlain, Beneficial Changes Network lead, and Professor Mike Roberts, managing director for UCL Partners, on work to evaluate and advance potentially high-impact beneficial changes. This includes interventions, technologies and tools, and ways of working deployed during the pandemic.

Dawn Chamberlain, Clinical Improvement Director - NHS England and Improvement
Professor Mike Roberts, Managing Director - UCLPartners